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Truffles are subterranean fungi of the Tuber genus. They grow close to the roots of certain firewood trees, with which they establish a symbiosis that benefits both the fungus and the tree which receives it. To date, a total of 21 different species of truffle have been found in Europe. Of the select few that are edible, all have a highly prized culinary value.

The black truffle “Tuber melanosporum” species is of a particularly high quality; it has a bubbly appearance and a rough texture typical of these black subterranean tubers; its aroma and taste are unmistakable.

Black truffle is deeply rooted in Mediterranean cuisine; countries such as Spain, France, Italy, Croatia and Greece are producers and consumers. Today it is fast gaining an established place in the ranks of gourmet cuisine, and thanks to the ever expanding global marketplace, truffles are becoming popular in countries where they have never been produced or consumed traditionally. Demand in Japan, the US, Australia, China and in the Middle East has seen an increase as a direct result of reduced culinary borders.